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RateWhiskey was built for Whiskey (and Whisky) lovers, by whiskey lovers. We were just sick of bad whiskey apps. Now you can keep track of your whiskey collection, your wishlists, and all the drams you've enjoyed! Socially connected, and constantly updated, RateWhiskey is the best whiskey rating app out there!

Yes, yes we know, some people say Whisky, we argue about that all the time. But our American side won out, because someone had to.

If you're looking to rate Scotch, Bourbon, Canadian, Japanese, or pretty much any other golden delight, you've come to the right place.


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Obviously this app is for rating whiskey. So we’ve put some thought into making it as easy to do as possible. Silly otherwise…

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Search through our database of 2,500 whiskeys (growing daily). Our helper monkeys are working their tails off.


Ever see something that you want to try, but forget about it later? Never again! Naughty or nice, you’re on our list.


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Built along with the foursquare, you’ll always know where to get that hard-to-find dram. Or know where to avoid.

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Interact with friends and fellow whiskey lovers. Feel free to express jealously over your friends’ find, or disdain for their lack of taste.